Art Flow Studio Garage Theatre Monaghan Exhibition

Art Flow Studio ~ 29th Nov 2019 ~ Monaghan ~ Annual Exhibition

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Art Flow Studio

~ Annual Exhibition ~ 29th November 2019 ~ Monaghan

Mary Scott opened her Studio on 7th December 2018 in Garage Theatre in Monaghan. A year has passed. On 29th November 2019 she had her second year annual Exhibition. Niamh O’Connor Artist officialy started the exhibition with her welcoming and heartwarming speech. Junior and Senior members of the Art Classes showcased beautiful artwork of their choice. Images were framed and displayed in a beautiful and spacious area of Garage Theatre. It had been a busy week of several events happening in town, however it did not stop a huge crowd coming to celebrate that Friday night. Many people turned up to admire the pieces. It was a house full. Indeed, the students had worked hard to provide interesting selections of artwork.  The group had used all kinds of media,. efectively,  as a reuslt, diverse pieces could be found.  Furthermore, the host has arranged for the freshments, wine and snack on the house.
To make it even more interesting, the organizers held raffle and audience could win some fabulous prizes. We were definitely in for a treat.  Another fabulous addition was Evelyn Bourton, opera singer,   who performed some of her skills during the celebration. Stunning voice which contributed to the display in the best way possible.