st patrick's parade monaghan

St. Patrick’s Day Parade ~` Monaghan~` 2023

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade took place again on 17th March at 3pm. Here in Monaghan, people celebrated by dressing up in green, carrying balloons and other st. Patrick garments to highlight the day. We, as a Family participated in the walk with fabulous Monaghan Phoenix Athletic Club that our kids run in. Meantime, I took some photographs to remember the festive and joyful day. Great fun indeed. Weather wasn’t 100% sure how to behave but we didn’t get soaking wet which might have easily happened. So hooray! here is a reminder of 2016 parade and 2022.
Alongside the Irish accents, such as flags, singing and Irish dancing, one could also spot other international elements which made the parade very colourful.
‘May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you”. ‘
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