Me and I


Photographers in Monaghan, Ireland     Photosessions, Photoshoots    Family Photographer, Lifestyle & Documentary Photographer, Event Photographer,  Newborn & Maternity Photographer, Wedding Photographer

Facts About Me:

  • 3 small people in the house call me Mommy
  • Favourite colour – RED ( so watch out;P)
  • Do I believe in ever lasting love and lifetime relationships? YES!
  • Half empty? No!! Half full;)
  • Tea or coffee? Can’t I have both? 😉
  • A night owl or and early bird? You will get me any time;)
  • People that inspire me : MY MOTHER!


Clients About Me:

  • Easy going nature and no fuss approach
  • Friendly, professional and approachable
  • Passionate
  • Fun to be around with
  • Chatty & witty
  • Energetic, communicative, and ingenious


Friends about me:

  • Superwoman
  • Great heart, reliable & authentic
  • Unpredictable &  spontaneous
  • Honest, kind & generous
  • English sense of humor
  • Ambitious, driven
  • Family orientated & comforting, understanding
  • Stubborn, untactful, open minded
  • Horrible driver
  • Mother, wife, best friend…


As Henri Cartier Bresson once said:  “It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.” – and I strongly believe that! True moments, authentic situations and real emotions is what I aspire to capture! Relaxed atmosphere and Your comfort are vital. I would make every possible effort to ensure You enjoy the shoot and get the best photographs ever ………………     photographs forever!