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First Birthday Photographs ~ Celebration

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First Birthday Photographs

No doubt, it’s a great feeling. First you take photographs when the Baby is under Mum’s heart. Then you go back to take more photographs of the Baby’s Christening Day. And then She turns ONE. Family organizes an appropriate party for the Little Darling.  House has turned into a colorful and vibrant place. Cupcakes, sweets, cake, decorations! Everything is prepared to high standards, of course. You turn ONE only once for sure. Guestes arrived. Sang Happy Birthday. Candles & trumpets.  It was a special day for the Little Girl, enjoying her First Birthday Party. It’s been a pleasure to be part of the journey. Hopefully so many more memories will be made.


Lifestyle photography/ Story telling images. Lifetime experience. Outstanding memories and truely blessed emotions. Capturing the one off opportunity or regular activities that one day may no longer be part of our lives. Waiting for the moment to happen, narrating it invisibly, when it is needed. Photography is a huge part of one’s life and should be the perfect tool to help memorize the life. Every single day something important happens. Every single day little ordinary things will happen, too. They are worth remembering. One more thing. Let’s print these memories. They will become priceless addition to every home.



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