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First Communion Photographs ~ Special Day

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First Communion Photographs?

There are no single similar images of the First Communion. Why? Because there is no single similar First Communions at all, full stop.  People are different. Kids are different. Weather is different. Emotions are different! Altough, when it comes to emotions, I have to say one thing for sure. It’s an exciting time of the year for the kids! You can feel the buzz in the air.

First Communion time is truly special. Family gather together. Everone gets ready. They all come to the St. Macartan’s Cathedral to celebrate. I have witnessed so many First Communions at this stage and I still get amazed by the beautiful atmosphere of the event.

As mentioning earlier on, arriving to the cathedral before First Communion starts, gives me an opportunity to feel the place when it’s still empty. And by feeling it, I mean, capturing the space for the Families. These will be the photographs that would stick with them forever so that can see the story unfolding in fron of them.

Taking photographs is ever so important, our memory fails! We have no way of recollecting the happening otherwise. Well, some people perhaps have a better memory than others, but still it’s great to have these all captured.

First Communion Photographs? What else is important? Printing them. Having a photobook, a picture framed, canvas. There is that many options, I will be putting a separate blog on this so that you can explore the options more. In the times when everone taking pictures, tablets,other cameras (which is not a bad thing!), it’s vital to make sure the photographs get printed rather than become vague digital episode.

Glad to be back 😉 see here more memories and see here




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