Love Story ~ Sromowce Nizne ~ Time Together

…. all the love songs ( literally) could have been written about them and them only! Love is in the air, when a man loves a woman, unchained melody, endless love and many, many others! ….

So this was one ( or two) evenings when we got together to enjoy local therapeutic scenery to get used to having a camera around since there was a big day ahead of them;) we went for a nice stroll, had some chats and dwelled on life;) As you do!
And we took some photographs! I thoroughly loved every minute of it!  And we even got a cool surprise, a nice & friendly cat came along to have a photograph taken with them;) (it was really the cuddle he /she was after) – since P & M are true cat lovers this was genuinely a cute element of the photoshoot;)

Stay tuned, more and much more to come;)


engagement-photoshoot-dunajec-river engagement-photoshoot-in-sromowce-nizne wedding-photographer-in-sromowce-nizne-photoshoot wedding-photographer-in-sromowce-nizne-monaghan wedding-photographer-in-sromowce-nizne-monaghan dare-love-photography-in-monaghan engagement-photography

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