Wedding Photographs ~ Big Day ~ Lifetime Memories

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Wedding Photographs

First and foremost, Wedding Day is truly a special day. It is packed with emotions and adventures. Laughter, giggles and humour. I have to admit, I love witnessing the day unfolding in its unique way. Right from the early hours one can feel a great buzz in the air. Atmosphere filled with joy! Anticipation. Excitement. In Bride’s house things were going smoothly . It was natural to take plenty of photographs and capture memories.
Then, moving on to the chapel to participate in this great ceremony. Guests and couple shared many special moments together. Indeed, it was a very cosy and Family like gathering. Practically full of warm messages and beautiful wishes, which made the ceremony even more special. After the enjoyable service, we went on for more photographs! Obviously! And finally to the hotel for more fun and excitement! It was a very lively and energetic venue. RugbyGirls dressing up for a blast-from-the-past? Of course! Comedian? Why not!? Birthday Cakes for Birthday Guests coming from far end of the country? Essential! Funny speeches, plenty of jokes and just a godd vibe. Yes, the music helped;). It was a Perfect Day!
Here is to Catriona, a stunning Bride and Glen, a handsome Groom. Many happy years together;).
Story Telling Images
Documentary photography. Lifestyle photography. Story telling images. Lifetime experience. Outstanding memories and truely blessed emotions. Capturing the one off opportunity or regular activities that one day may no longer be part of our lives. Waiting for the moment to happen, narrating it invisibly, when it is needed. Photography is a huge part of one’s life and should be the perfect tool to help memorize the life. Every single day something important happens. Every single day little ordinary things will happen, too. They are worth remembering.



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